Here are just a few kind words from our existing clients.

We have been dealing with Copperfield for thirteen years and during that time we have found the office at Copperfield most helpful and courteous.

When claims have been necessary they have always been dealt with efficiently and speedily and payment has without exception been made without any quibble.

I would recommend Copperfield as agents for the protection plan at rates that my clients have found most acceptable. I have looked at other agents and plans and have not found any other to compete.
— Accountancy Practice West Midlands

I have been a client of Copperfield for over 15 years as I believe that the scheme offered by them suits both my Practice and more importantly my small business clients. Claims are always settled promptly and the “Help Line” provided always comes in useful.
— Accountancy practice in Cornwall

Copperfields have provided assistance on several protracted HMRC investigations, including the resolution of a case involving a Client recieving an unsubstantiated cash loan from a friend to purchase a vehicle. They were able to convince HMRC, with the aid of a local newspaper report, that the friend did have the resources, albeit criminal, to make this cash advance. HMRC closed their enquiries without any profit additions. Copperfield have always provided prompt, practical and common sense advice solutions.
— Accountancy practice in Derbyshire

Copperfield Helpline provided the ideal solution when the Inspector of Taxes exceeded his powers to enquire into the Director’s personal income and expenditure. The inspector did not open an enquiry into the Director’s personal tax returns but through the company investigation the inspector wanted to see the Director’s personal bank statements because he said it was a business run soley by the Director and there was a risk of some “off record activity”!!!. Copperfields provided the reply to the Inspector of Taxes and they dropped their enquiries. So it was 100% success for the client and the accountancy profession thanks to the help of Copperfields.
— Accountancy practice in Yorkshire